Hey Frankie, Lite

Ecommerce coaching from the CEO of one of the top performance marketing agencies.
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What Exactly is This?

We work with some of the biggest brands on Shopify and our pricing doesn't always work for smaller brands. That's why we've created Hey Frankie, Lite, which gives you direct access to Ryan Shell, the CEO of Hey Frankie.
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Founder and CEO of Hey Frankie where he helps brands ranging from $3 million to $285 million increase revenue.
Brand owner since 2012, so there's virtually nothing you have or will experience that he's not personally dealt with.
Ryan's direct leadership and guidance has helped six brands get purchased by private equity firms.

What people are saying!

Don't just take our word for it.
Quite frankly, knowing what I know now, you'd be crazy to not take advantage of the knowledge and access you can get from Ryan. I'm so thankful that he started offering this service.
Lauren J. V
Ever had an instance where you spend hours trying to figure something out, and then make the wrong decision twice. Ryan stopped that pattern from happening over a 5-minute chat. Game changed.
Scott S. V
I mentioned a ShipStation issue on a whim NEVER thinking or expecting a solution from Ryan. The next thing I know he's not only helped with that issue, but also helped improve our workflow.
Bryan Johnson. V
I'm notorious for trying out lots of apps on my Shopify store. One thing I've loved is having a voice to help balance out my desire to try the next new shiny thing.
Ashley H. V
My email deliverability suddenly dipped revenue was impacted in a big way. Ryan helped create a clear plan of action and I had the issue fixed within 20 days. I'd never have fixed it on my own.
Chris G. V
I very much appreciate the transparency during conversations. There's no fluff. Ryan keeps me honest and isn't afraid to tell me exactly what I need to hear.
Bryan Johnson. V
New York, New York

What You Get

Think about the last few marketing or business mistakes you've made. Wouldn't it have been great to had some guidance? That's exactly what you'll get with Hey Frankie, Lite.
You get access to an agency CEO that has personally grown an ecommerce brand, been featured on Shark Tank and works with brands up to $285 million in revenue.
Dedicated Slack channel to brainstorm, discuss strategy and ask questions.
Hiring a CEO or CMO is expensive. Hey Frankie, Lite gives you that level of thinking in a private setting.

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