So...who’s Frankie?

Frankie is everyone - and no one.
But that’s a story for another day. Our founder, Ryan, created Hey Frankie as a way to help brand owners like himself get real results (without all the bullsh*t). Like many others, he sought help from e-commerce agencies both big and small. They all sucked.
Until now, that is.

We’re not normal.
(in a good way)

three things that help us deliver:


We only hire A+ talent, which costs more than the average agency probably wants to deal with.


We don't take on more clients than we can handle, which requires discipline and is easier said than done.


We tend to have a little team bloat so that we aren't fully tapped when new clients pop up.
To sum it up, we have

a strategic & wicked-smart team

with tons of industry knowledge between us.
In other words, we don't hire what we refer to as Intern Nick.

Let us introduce ourselves.

We’re a pretty great team.

Every client will be matched with expert strategists, wildly creative designers, and grammar-obsessed copywriters to elevate their performance and yield results. Not to mention, they’re all pretty cool (and modest) people.
Among Us, There Are:
3 Orange Cats
4 Dancers
3 Non-Orange Cats
1 Reality Show Appearance
18 Tattoos
7 Athletes
4 Painters(and 1  Muralist!)
4 Failed Vegans

Do we sound like your kind of people?

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