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We’re Cycle Breakers by Design.

Owned and operated by the founder of an e-commerce brand, Hey Frankie is the digital marketing agency we always wished we had. We’ve all experienced the same song and dance—you get a great agency pitch, hand over some cash, and begin to wonder, “Where are the results?”

We wanted someone who walks the walk. So we did it ourselves.
We could hop on our pedestal and sing our own praises, but we think our results speak for themselves.


revenue increase in less than 12 months


revenue increase in less than 12 months

What can Frankie do for you?

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Our Approach

Here’s what you can expect.
Stunning DesigN & Content
We only produce beautiful, eye-catching designs and strategic content that customers want to engage with.
PerformancE Data Analysis
It’s all about the data. We test relentlessly to ensure our practices are backed with cold, hard proof.
Collaborative Partnerships
At the end of the day, we work for you & with you. We consider your goals and develop strategies to help you exceed them. 

Case studies

They say the proof is in the pudding. And we have like…a lot of pudding.
paid social
320% Increase in Revenue for an Organic Skincare Brand
Leveraging paid social ads to compound revenue and assets. 
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125% Increase in Flow Revenue for a Niche Fraternity Outfitter
Creating revenue growth that outpaces
the potential audience.
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66% Increase in Sign Up Conversion for a Scenting Lifestyle Brand
Testing SMS sign up offers for increased conversion.
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265% Increase in Profit for a Luxury Jewelry Brand
Creating a holistic buyer funnel for maximum conversions.
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The Ultimate Email Redesign Library

Who doesn't love a glow up? We took 20 mediocre emails and made them outstanding with strategic design and content improvements optimized for conversion. Check out our favorite side-by-side comparisons to see undeniably impressive (and inspiring) results!

Why Our Clients Love Us

“They spent $962,000 less while increasing annual revenue by $3.38m. If you’re reading this and wondering if you should contact them, just do it. You’ll be glad you did.”

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