Graphic Design Test

Congrats on making it to our graphic design test!

Please see the sample emails below. We are sharing them to set the design quality expectation for this position.

Email Design Test

You’ll find pertinent details below. Please aim to have this completed in 24 hours or less. The brief is a roadmap. Use the information as you see fit. Our goal is to provide some guidance, but also to give you the freedom to create.

Brand Information

Client: The  Home T /

Brand Colors:
Blue - 00A3E0
Pink - FC5666
Black - 000000
These colors can or can't be used in your design. Totally up to you.

Brand Fonts: Brandon Text

Email Brief

Hero Headline: It's T-Shirt Season.

Image Option: This is up to you.

Possible Sub Copy: Summer's right around the corner—however you're planning to spend your season, bring the vibes with the perfect tee.

CTA(s): Shop Now

Sub Section 1: For the Beach Goers

Sub Section 2: For the Travelers

Sub Section 3: What's Your Favorite Beach?

Final Copy (optional): Find Your Summer Uniform

Final CTA: Shop Summer

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